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Dalia is an independent publisher founded in Terni in 2014. The name DALIA comes from the Baltic mythology, whereby Dalia is the name of the goddess of weaving, fate and childbirth.
Our publishing projects, focused mainly on fiction for adults and children, are the result of the dynamic and creative thinking of a team of excellence and each book represents a possibility that opens up to the world.

The project

Dalia’s mission is to publish the best of contemporary Italian fiction on important themes such as the encounter with the “other”, the value of diversity and sharing,  and the importance of choice, with particular attention to children’s books with original illustrations. Our publishing projects combine quality, competence and creativity and each book represents a unique experience for our readers.

Dalia’s series:

  • KidsDalia Ragazzi (5 -7 years old): stories with no pre-conceived points of view, which deal with sensitive themes stimulating the imagination.
  • The Reckless OnesGli Spericolati (7+ years old): the story of everyday life from the point of view of those open-minded kids who are just embarking on the journey that is life.
  • FictionDalia Narrativa: the search for original perspectives, voices that know how to describe the world from unconventional points of view, questioning consolidated logics.